Candle of Hope

Candle Of Hope

Candle bag

A candle bag is a bag filled with sand and a tealight candle which has been decorated and dedicated to the memory of someone lost to cancer, dedicated in honour of someone on their cancer journey, or in celebration of someone surviving cancer.

Candle bags can be decorated prior to relay day. Bags can also be decorated on relay day (July 6th / 7th) in Pontypool Park). You can contact Eve and Rayann through our contact page or social media pages if you wish to decorate a bag before the event, or on relay day, you will find them in the large marquee. We ask that each candle bag comes with a donation. 

Keep the light of hope burning by dedicating a candle bag to someone you wish to remember or whose courage and life you wish to celebrate.

Candle of Hope Ceremony

Around 9 o'clock in the evening, Relay for Life will stop for the Candle of Hope ceremony. All survivors, relayers, supporters and visitors will be invited to join us at the Bandstand at Pontypool Park. 

The Candle of Hope ceremony can be a hopeful and privileged time where we honour every life touched by cancer. 

Survivors, care givers, relayers and visitors are invited to share their stories, whether it be of celebration or remembrance. During this time, all candles will be lit and candle bags will line the track or be placed around the park. This really is a beautiful picture. 

Vibe, our relay choir, sing to us, giving the relay community time to reflect, be hopeful and share a hug. They then send us off to walk a lap of reflection where we have time to observe each candle bag as we pass. 

Please spend some time experiencing our Candle of Hope ceremony at Pontypool park.